All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Also Known As "All The Boys (And Maybe One Of The Girls) Are Horny For This Ranfom Girl Named Mandy Lane For No Obvious Reason."

People are pretty divided when it comes to horror movies, and this one is no exception. Some say it’s a great scary movie with suspense, while others simply think it’s just another slasher flick that’s already been overdone. I seem to be in good company with the latter group.

Ridden with cliches, awful dialogue that makes you cringe, and just plain bad acting crammed between a few unique killing scenes. That’s about it.

The story developed some near the end when the “twist” is revealed, but it still didn’t redeem it by much. This may have been director Jonathan Levine’s full-length film debut, but it’s an unncessary one at that. I can see some potential in his style of filming, but I hope he doesn’t let it go to waste like he did in this one.

P.S. While this movie is two years old now, it has only been shown at various film festivals with no set release date for theaters. However, you can find it through torrents like I did. (If you really want to, though.) (Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.)




~ by elizabeth on August 22, 2008.

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