Detroit Rock City (1999)

All disco doesn't suck, does it?

I’m sure if I lived in the 70’s I would be one of the main characters in Detroit Rock City.  Or at least, I would have wished to be one of the four best friends who take a road trip to Detroit and do ANYTHING to get into a KISS rock concert.  Granted I’m not a real fan of KISS, but that didn’t stop me from not liking this movie.  It was very similar to 1979’s Rock N Roll High School (with the Ramones), just a different band and an R rating (and not PG).  I enjoyed all of the lead actors’ roles – I think they each did them accurately – as well as the rest of the characters they run into along the way (especially hitchhiker Christine, played by the wonderful Natasha Lyonne).

While Detroit Rock City isn’t quite up to cult status yet, it has all the right qualities and I think it’ll get the recognition in due time.




~ by elizabeth on October 15, 2008.

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