Stay (2005)

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What a surprising movie!  I accidentally came across this movie while searching for another on IMDB, and I immediately decided to watch it soley for Ryan Gosling.  In my opinion, he’s one of the finest actors today and I always look forward to see what kind of character he portrays.  In this movie, it’s a troubled art student named Henry, who declares to his psychiatrist Dr. Foster (Ewan McGregor, another actor whose work I enjoy) that he will kill himself on Saturday at midnight.  Naturally Foster tries to stop him, but he goes by it unconventially, delving more into his life and not just “alerting the authorities.”  By doing so, reality soon becomes blurred with dreams and imagination.

Naomi Watts does a great supporting role as Foster’s once-suicidal girlfriend Lila, who provides some insight on why Henry might want to kill himself and some memorable lines (“There’s too much beauty to quit”).  Also, look out for a small role from Jeneane Garofalo…!

This movie reminded me a lot of Donnie Darko, not only becuase of the “Is this really happening or this is my head?” but the film comes full circle at the end.  I love that.  It’s such a great style, I think, and has a longer lasting impact on the viewer.

I don’t think even I have completely figured out what happened in Stay.  From what I’ve read so far, there are different interpretations and while I have started to develop my own, it’s the kind of movie worth repeated viewings.




Escape From New York (1981)

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A disappointment from John Carpenter.  This was an action movie, or was supposed to be.  So where was it?  Kurt Russell may look like a badass, but he sure didn’t display it outside his eyepatch and weak dialogue/husky voice.  I thought I was really going to like this movie.  It’s a great story, but it doesn’t go anywhere with it.

So in other words, don’t expect me to be reviewing Escape From L.A. anytime soon… or ever.



Recommend Me A Movie!

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To the right I added a new page where you can recommend me a movie.  I am always looking for something new to see, so give it a try… NOW.

Total Recall (1990)

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I can’t believe I waited this long to see Total Recall!  Maybe it was a preconceived notion in my head – Arnold Schwarzenegger + Action Movie = Mindless Entertainment.  However, I must have forgotten that Terminator 2 is one of my favorite movies, or maybe I just haven’t seen enough of his movies.

Anyway. Total Recall is based on Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” (great name, right?), which I must read now.  Simply, this is what action/science fiction movies should be like.  It’s violent (balanced, I think), has a great story, and makes you think.  The special effects were also ahead of their time.  As I was watching the movie, I began to think of others that influenced it (Blade Runner being one of them), but then again many movies since it came out have been influenced by it (Vanilla Sky, The Fifth Element, The Matrix).  Such a movie that can do that is well worth your time if you enjoyed any of those.



One Point O (2004)

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This movie will lower your IQ by 1.0 (or more)

WARNING: This movie will lower your IQ by 1.0 (or more)

It’s stylish… It looks cool… creepy… intriguing…


Jeremy Sisto carried his end of the movie well, I will give him that credit, but he shouldn’t have done been in it after reading the script!  It’s just atrocious.

This movie also goes by several names: Paranoia, Paranoia 1.0, and just 1.0. That is never a good sign.

Another name for this movie should also be “Insomnia” because if you have it, this is the cure.  I had to fast forward it to the end to keep from falling asleep tonight just to see what happens… and nothing does.



American Hardcore (2006)

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I had a lot of problems with this documentary.  For one, this is not a history of American punk music in the 1980’s.  Rather, it is an overview (albeit a light one) over the beginning of hardcore music.  It does a fine job of explaining the social, cultural and political backdrop that spawned the scene, but because hardcore came out of the punk scene, surprisingly there is almost no footage of earlier influential bands.  It just jumps right into it and tries to let the footage carry the documentary, which it does not always do.  Practically all of the interviews were of musicians or managers, without any sort of outsiders’ perspective or at least the regular people who lived during the time.

I also had another problem with how they described hardcore as being “Punk was dead, and we were discontent with the other music, so we started this music called hardcore.”  They didn’t even mention the punk music that was still prevalent in the 1980’s.  Sure, it was at its peak in the late ’70s, but it still continued through the 80’s – hardcore didn’t just take over.

If you couldn’t guess already, I’m more of a fan of punk than hardcore.  (The Misfits are probably as hardcore as I can get.)  As to be quite frank, the music was starting to get to me in the movie (although I heard a lot of people were upset that they didn’t feature enough?)  But if you’re reading this, and you listen to this music, I would love to hear your thoughts.



Rollerball (1975)

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In the future there will be no war. There will only be... roller rinks for adults.


I love futuristic/dystopian movies, but Rollerball seemed to only have gotten an inkling of the genre.  It’s not really an action movie, but the social commentary about the worth of individuality was kind of light as well.  A little uneven, in my opinion.  I’ve read a lot of rave reviews, though, so maybe it was just wasn’t my cup of tea.

This movie suceeds as being a good movie, nothing more, nothing less.